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Toner Foiling

Terms & Condiitons

No personal callers or collections. This is strictly a mail order product only.

Postage & Packing charges are extra on top of the above prices.

Purchase of tthe Foilmate machine is strictly via formal and official purchase order, proof of ID and payment from bank to bank transfer only. No cash can be accepted in person or via bank. We reserve the right the refuse sale of any goods featured on this website without giving any reason.

Some minor fraying on the edge of the foil in inevitable whilst cutting foils. Our foils are supplied strictly on this understanding and any foils cut down to size for you cannot be returned for a refund. Furthermore, no refund can be given on any foils as it would be difficult to establish whether a foil has been used or not, and as a result, we could not confidently resell this foil on as it’s true length.

We cannot guarantee the use of this foil on machines that have not specifically been designed to use this product (eg. Laminators, Laser Printers etc. even though you may have been sold similar machines for this purpose by someone else. Furthermore, we cannot be held responsible for any damaged caused to your machine, work  or a loss of business or profit as a result of using these foils.

Toner foils look very similar to the traditional foils as used in hot foil stamping but are very different.

Toner foils stick to any photocopied or laser printed images (using smooth paper) when the correct amount of heat and pressure are applied. This foil will not work with inkjet images or pre-printed matter.

If you are looking for a low cost method to toner foil small areas, then you can achieve this very successfully by using your FOILCRAFT 4x3 Hot Foil Printing Machine along with an optional Toner Pad and Toner Foils as can be seen in the video to the left.

Therefore, in order to do toner foiling, you will need to buy a ‘Toner pad’ . This is a special silicone layer bonded onto aluminium backing. The toner pad is attached to your die holding block and heated to a high temperature.

Next, you simply place your toner based copy onto your print bed and place a piece of foil over it. As you press the handle down, the hot toner pad will press against the foil and and release the colour onto your toner based copy - it’s so easy!

We sell the Toner Foils in 3” width x 400 feet in length. One roll will last you a very long time.

The colours which we have in stock are: Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Metallic Red, Metallic Blue, Metallic Copper, Metallic Pink. Each roll costs £15.00+VAT.

Toner Pads (4”x3” approximately) will cost £19.99+VAT each.

If you wish to toner foil larger area with more automation, then why not look at our Toner Foiling Machine which can toner foil entire A4 Sheets of paper quickly and effortlessly!

If you have any further questions about this machine, please click here to drop us a line or call us on 01708-731294.

Toner Foil large areas
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