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Small Hot Foil Stamping Machine

Approximate max print area: 4" x 1.25"  (101.6mm x 31.75mm)

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Excellent quality and affordable hot foil printing machines

Our FOILCRAFT Hot Foil Printing machines are robust, high quality which fit neatly on a table top. These cleverly designed hot foil stamping machines include plenty of useful and user-friendly features to help you achieve the very best results. They are the perfect choice for low-medium runs - and provide everything you need to produce great quality output at an affordable price.

Don’t be fooled by the Foilcraft Hot Foil Machines low prices!

We have been in the hot foil printing industry for over 31 years and during this time, we have sold 100’s of machines for other manufactures. Because we were not actually manufacturing them, we did not always have control over their design nor pricing.  At times, we felt that these machine were rather heavy and somewhat old fashioned. Their prices were often on the very high side which could not be justified by a low user or those working on a limited budget.

With our vast experience in this field, we felt that it was the right time for us to invest and develop a modern hot foil printing machine, at a price that would be affordable by the many. We successfully achieved this by:-

* Manufacturing them ourselves and having full control of the manufacturing process
* We made our designs more modern and our machine more versatile
* We employed economies of scale by purchasing materials in larger volumes thus better pricing
* We manufacture machines in higher volumes which helps to bring down costs
* We work on much lower profit margins but appeal to a much wider market

Since the launch of our FOILCRAFT hot foil machines in 2015, our machines have broken all sales records in every corner of the globe. We were not overly surprised by this, because we knew that we had on our hands was what the market had been crying out for all along;
an affordable, portable and versatile hot foil printing machine, at a quarter the price of its rivals.

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Features at a glance

A CE certified, compact hot foil printer made from steel and available in 220v or 110v.

* Digital thermostatic temperature control for great accuracy for Foilcraft 4x3 and an analogue for Foilcraft Junior
* Fast heat up time (0-120 Degrees Centigrade in just four minutes - average operating temperature)
* Manual reel to reel foil feed (removable to accommodate larger items) - Foilcraft 4x3 only
* Adjustable pressure screws for more even printing
* Adjustable height to 5” for larger items - 2” maximum with Foilcraft Junior

* Long reach to print on A4 items (up to 11” with Foilcraft 4x3)  4” with Foilcraft Junior
* Use small or large print bed depending on your products
* Soft handle for comfortable operation
* Accepts all types of metal or polymer dies
* Accepts metal or brass type
* Accepts plain or decorative brass rules
* Can be used as a mini garment printing machine - Foilcraft 4x3 only
* Can be used for toner foiling (foiling without using dies) Foilcraft 4x3 only


* Maximum print area approximately 100mm x 75mm (4”x3”) - 4”x1.25” for Foilcraft Junior
* Voltage: 220v or 110v
* Wattage: 2 x200 watt heating elements - 1 x 200 watts for Foilcraft Junior

* Dimensions: 41cm (L) x 27cm (W) x 27cm (H) -  41cm (L) x 27cm (W) x 21cm (H) Foilcraft Junior
* Weight: 10.35kgs unpacked - 9.45kgs unpacked Foilcraft Junior

Helping you get the most from your hot foil printer

We’re passionate about hot foil printing and we want our customers to be too. Don’t worry if you’re not yet an expert in hot foil printing or hot foil stamping techniques - or even if you’re starting from scratch. Every FOILCRAFT machine comes with a free 2.5 hours training DVD as well as a comprehensive instruction manual, together with trouble-shooting guide.  We also offer individual advice and support if you need it. Our friendly, UK-based team are always happy to help - so feel free to contact us by phone, e-mail or live chat.

Five great reasons to choose the FOILCRAFT Hot Foil Printing Machines:-

  1. Available worldwide -  Choose from 220v for UK & Rest of the World or 110v for USA and North America. We keep all options and accessories in stock so you can expect your delivery to arrive promptly and safely, wherever you are.
  2. Great quality design and manufacture - The FOILCRAFT 4x3 is the result of leading-edge British design and decades of hot foil printing experience. It is also CE approved so you can trust the quality. For example, with this machine, you can make precise  adjustments to perfect your results - a feature usually only available on much more expensive machines.
  3. A choice of packages - There are various packages and optional extras to choose from depending on what and how you want to print. Check out our Packages by clicking here and see which one would suit you best. And please do feel free to contact us for advice if you’re not sure.
  4. Plenty of guidance and support - Every FOILCRAFT machine comes with a comprehensive training DVD, a detailed instruction manual and a trouble-shooting guide. This should be all you need, but if not, you can always take advantage of free phone or email support if you have a particular question.
  5. All at a price you’ll love - There is no other hot foil printing machine available anywhere in the world that offers the same excellent quality and range of features at a comparable price. We really are the first to finally manufacture an affordable hot foil printing machine that doesn’t compromise on quality.

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Approximate max print area: 4" x 3"  (101.6mm x 76.2mm)

Larger Hot Foil Stamping Machine

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Please contact us to order
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