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Brass Type for Hot Foil Printing, Hot Foil Stamping or Debossing


Our brass type is made to the most rigorous standards from hard brass. for The body is first machined to the exact point size and then ground accurately to the type height.

The characters are deeply engraved using special jigs to ensure perfect alignment and excellent definition on most surfaces, when used in a hot foil printing machine.

Our range of faces have been gradually increased and now includes 60 styles as can be seen in our catalogue. We can now reproduce almost any fount of your choice in addition to our standard 60 styles. Just send us a PDF or a fount file and we will be able to quote your accordingly!

The style sheets have been arranged for ease of comparison with sans serif faces first, followed by light serif faces, then Roman faces. Finally the scripts, decorative faces and foreign language fonts.

Most faces are also available with accented letters for foreign languages (please supply details of requirements).

Click here to see sample of Hebrew S’tam brass type.

Where frequently used words or phrases are required, dies can be supplied.

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Quads & Spacers

Quads are required to fill in excess spaces inside a slip case and Spacers are often used to leave gaps between words or letters, if required. Spacers can also used as fillers, just as Quads are used.

A slip case is required for each line of text.



High quality stainless steel slip case

100mm internal width

Click here to
download brass type catalogue

Type high dies & emojis

Did you know that we can also make your logos, designs or symbols to the same height as your type in brass?

Basically, this means that you will be able to print your design and text at the same time. Although not in brass, the example below  (right hand side) will show you how we have used metal type and metal type high die to achieve the desired effect.

Prices quoted on request.


Brass Type is made to order with a lead time of about 2-3 weeks from receipt of full payment. As brass type is made to order, no refunds can be made for ‘change of mind’.

Brass Type is sold as either a 100 piece or 150 piece set. A set is sold either as Capital & Figures or Lowercase. We can supply smaller sets than 100 pieces, but they will incur a surcharge as follows: 1-25 pieces + 100%, 25-60 pieces +50%, 51-75 pieces +20%. For odd amounts above 100 pieces, prices are taken at the above pro-rata 100 piece rate.

Larger point sizes may be available in some faces, please enquire.

Prices quoted in the catalogue are for standard fonts. A 25% surcharge will be applied to the following typefaces as they are more time consuming to engrave: Old English, Fraktur, Ungar Fraktur, American Script, Mercury Light, Winchester Old Style, Chichester Italic, Arabic Naskhi, Engravers Roman, and accented letters as used in foreign languages.

Please refer to Page 2  of our catalogue to see how many of each letters you will receive in a 100 or 150 piece set. For European Charcaters/Accents, please refer to Page 39 and for Brass Dies, please refer to Page 40.

Capitals and Lowercase are the same price per 100 piece or 150 piece set.

Quads & Spacers costs are as follows (in brass): 10pt-18pt £30.00+VAT, 22pt-26pt £35.00+VAT, 30pt-36pt £40.00+VAT.  In a set, you will receive various sizes  of 12 x Quads and 50 x Hairline Spacers.

Slip Cases costs are as follows (in stainless steel): 10pt, 12pt, 14pt, 18pt £25.00+VAT, 24pt and 30pt £29.99+VAT, 36pt £33.00+VAT (Cost per Slip Case)


The manufacturing time of 2-3 weeks should be seen a guide only, depending on our workload. Therefore, we cannot accept responsibility for any delays, however caused. Please plan well ahead if you have an upcoming project.